Toyota vs GM - Toyota wins!

Yesterday we posted an article outlining the battle between General Motors and Toyota Motor Co., the numbers looked too close to call, but as we mentioned, GM was counting its sales in China in its overall total.
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GM had a solid year in 2007, with sales growing all over the world (except in the US), but it is now the world's second-largest automaker.

GM had included 516,435 vehicles of the Wuling brand in China as part of its total, despite owning a minority share in the operation.

The industry practise is to only include sales of majority-owned subsidiaries, which meant GM slipped well behind Toyota with 8,885,599 sales in 2007, while the Big T managed an estimated 9,370,000. Official figures from Toyota will be released in a few weeks.

Other manufacturers such as Ford, are also not allowed to count sales of minority owned subsidiaries such as Mazda (Ford owns 33.4 percent of Mazda).