Kia KV7 Concept unveiled at Detroit Auto Show

Kia has just unveiled the Kia KV7 Concept at the 2011 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The crazy concept features a Kia Soul/Toyota Rukus exterior design, garnished in lavish modern day characteristics, such as internet capabilities, various touch screens, swivel seats and 'gullwing' doors.
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Kia's Californian design studio, the team behind its creation, focused on maintaining the same design philosophy as the Kia Soul and its 'embracing the box' motto, but also contributed efforts toward building a modern 'activity van'. It also offers SUV-like qualities, such as a high driving position and easy access to the cabin.

Speaking of the cabin, just take a look at that vibrant, colourful layout; it looks like an interior decorator's holiday beach house. Kia says it was designed using modern day technology as its inspiration, following some mobile phone design trends. You have got to love those swivel seats, too. There's also a giant 'iPad' floating table behind the rear passenger seats, which can be used as a general modern multimedia gadget.

The front runners get their fair share of technology too. The dashboard physically shifts forward by 150mm once the car is started to bring all its features within arm's reach. The dash itself consists largely of a huge LCD touch screen interface, displaying everything from climate control settings to Wi-Fi-compatible internet browsing.

Under the bonnet sits a surprisingly powerful 2.0-litre GDI turbocharged engine offering 213kW. Even though this engine is fairly potent, Kia says it is capable of returning 7.8L/100km fuel consumption figures.

Overall, it's a very creative and very desirable minivan that is sure to quench even the youngest of tech-savvy thirsts.