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2008 Honda Accord Melbourne debut

The 2008 Honda Accord will be unveiled to the Australian market at this year's Melbourne International motor show.
2008 Honda Accord Melbourne debut
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The Thai-built Accord V6 to be launched on February 29 will boast Honda's Variable Cylinder Management (VCM), set to prove that not all powerful V6 cars need be gas guzzlers.

The VCM engine system allows the Accord to run on all six cylinders for more spirited driving, then switches to either four or three cylinders for cruising or low-speed running.

The result is greater fuel economy and lower emissions, Honda claim the system can change between cylinder modes seamlessly and is unnoticeable to the driver.

2008 Honda Accord Melbourne debut

Already on sale in the USA, buyers are reporting four-cylinder-like fuel consumption and praise the high level of fit and finish, as expected of a Honda.