Volvo will present a crashed Volvo C30 Electric at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit this week. The company wants to demonstrate that electric cars can be made safe even when there is extensive use of high voltage batteries and cables within the car.
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Volvo will use the car to demonstrate how keeping the cables and batteries intact after a crash is critical to the safety of the occupants and attending emergency crew, even in circumstances that match a 64km/h frontal impact crash test. Volvo says all of the car's main electrical components are undamaged by the test - which will be visible at the exhibition.

Stefan Jacoby, CEO and president of Volvo Cars, recently said about the exhibit,

"We are the first car maker in the world to show what a truly safe electric car looks like after a crash. This is of utmost importance not only to the people riding in an electric car, but also to for example first responders."

Volvo also says the electric and hybrid car market is taking off, and Volvo is making sure safety remains as top priority even in the development of fuel efficient technologies. Jacoby added,

"Not everyone that now launches or is in the process of launching electric cars are approaching the safety challenges as we are. But Volvo will never compromise on our stringent safety demands."

Volvo is looking forward to being the first ever manufacturer to exhibit a crash-tested electric vehicle at an international show.