Last week, American old-school tuning and spare parts specialist, Mopar, showed us what it could do with the brand-new Chrysler 200 in terms of spicing things up a bit. Since Fiat owns 20 percent stake in Chrysler, and thus Mopar, the tuning company has now taken its hand to the popular little Fiat 500.
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The Fiat 500 Mopar edition will be unveiled alongside the Chrysler 200 Super S Mopar at the North American International Auto Show this week. It will be a great way for Fiat to reintroduce the Fiat 500 into the American market as some Mopar fans may catch on to the quirky yet effective characteristics of the little Italian.

Like the Chrysler 200 Super S Mopar, the Fiat 500 Mopar enhancement list consists largely of cosmetic revisions, although punters are saying engine tuning packages could be on the way. For now, Mopar options include a discreet bodykit with new front and rear bumper bars and sill panel changes.

The kit also includes plenty of chrome, in the traditional Mopar way. Around the spotlights, side mirrors, fuel-filler cap, lower grille surround and the centre badge are all done in shiny metallic. There's also chrome detailing around the rear lights, rear vent sections and doors handles.

Other features include upgraded alloy wheels painted in dark grey, Katzkin leather interior and two racy blue stripes over the entire right-hand side of the car.

It may not be as desirable as the Fiat 500 Abarth at first, but it could be just the thing for the US market and a good way to expand both Fiat 500 and Mopar following.