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I wash my car at least once a fortnight, before the QLD water restrictions came in, it was a lot easier, but all the extra worked involved in not using a hose can really get you down. So what can you do? You can always pay for a car wash. I usually bork at the idea of paying for a car wash or a car detailer to polish and wax the car, but I have to admit, its really worth it. With that in mind, I came across a rather interesting video today. The worlds most expensive car wash :

This guy gets to work over every detail of the most exotic of exotics super cars, infact he won’t touch my poor WRX even if I pay him. And how much does he charge? around $10,000 USD. Or $13,000 AUD. Watch the video now and you’ll see why, the attention to detail and the methodical steps involved are almost insane. If that wasn’t enough, you gotta see what he uses to clean the cars, such as a $16,000 AUD tub of carnauba wax.