Video: Group B Rally masters in action

Surely, rally has to be the optimum form of motorsport, in terms of extracting every ounce of the driver's skill through to the ground? Circuit racing involves trying not to let the car get out of control. Rally involves constantly trying to bring the car back into control. Here's a nice compilation video recently put up on the 'Tube containing the masters of all rally competition: Group B legends.
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It's all in slow-motion. Every car is literally on the ragged edge due to limited technology and loads and loads of horsepower. All of the truly great drivers, who perhaps didn't spend their careers showing off in the spotlight, competed in Group B rally.

Walter Rohrl, who raced the awesome Audi S1 to victory in Group B and also conquered Pikes Peak in the same car, won the championship twice. He's now Porsche's chief test driver and still races in heritage rallies in an old Porsche 911.

There was also Miki Biason who drove the famous Lancia Delta S4 rally car. He went on to win the championship twice, back to back as well (1988 and 1989) - the second driver to ever achieve such success.

Then there was Juha Kankkunen. He won the World Rally Championship an impressive four times over a period of 20 years. He also won the Race of Champions twice (1988 and 1991), and currently holds the world speed record on ice after achieving an average speed of 321.65km/h in a Bentley Continental GT.

Check out the video below for some inspiring Group B rally footage. Most of the cars had upwards of 350kW - compared with today's WRC cars that are restricted to 225kW, it's amazing these Group B rally masters could even keep the cars on the road at all.