BMW and Tesla Motors cars are about to become a lot more interactive, in terms of in-car multimedia. Visual computing technology giant NVIDIA will be launching its latest and greatest in-car multimedia graphics systems into a range of BMW and Tesla vehicles in the near future, incorporating vast technological advancements like this in-built 17-inch touch screen.
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It essentially means selected models will have a touch-screen laptop embedded into the dashboard, only the interface will be more mobile/car oriented, obviously, but it will offer 1280 by 600 pixel resolution. This will be possible through the use of NVIDIA's new micro-processors specifically designed for vehicles.

Using these graphics capabilities it will then be up to the manufacturer and its suppliers to adapt all kinds of programs that could be used via the system, such as satellite navigation, DVD and TV, the internet and audio and air conditioning controls.

Also, NVIDIA takes pride in its graphics systems being highly efficient and requiring little power to operate - ideal for the automotive world. For this reason, Tesla has announced it will be using the systems not only for multimedia displays but also for the entire instrument panel, displaying things like the speedo and power usage all on one screen.