Video: Ferrari 458 Challenge around Fiorano

The sound of 562 horses and the sight of one additional red prancing horse isn’t the worst way to start your Thursday.
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Earlier videos of the Ferrari 458 Challenge have sounded somewhat muffled and subdued, but this latest video, filmed near Ferrari’s Fiorano test track, gets up close and personal with the race-ready Italian.For those of you who can’t hold out, the actual track footage starts at the 3:53 mark.We’ve detailed the full specs of the 458 Italia-based Challenge before, and as you may know it’s powered by the same 4.5-litre direct-injection V8 as the road-going 458, with output unchanged at 425kW and 540Nm.A number of enhancements, including reduced body weight and revised brakes, suspension and differential settings, make the Challenge more than two seconds faster around the Fiorano track than the standard Italia.The Challenge was officially unveiled at the 2010 Bologna Motor Show in December as a replacement for the Ferrari F430 GT2.