Two years ago, Tesla introduced a genius update that enable owners to switch on the air-conditioning while the car is unattended, so dogs don’t get hot under the collar. But there is just one catch.
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Tesla Dog Mode is one of those ideas that makes you wonder why no-one else thought of it earlier.

In 2019 Tesla came up with a mode that enabled the air-conditioning to remain switched on while the car is locked, to allow enough time for the driver to run a quick errand – so the dog doesn’t get stressed out in a hot car.

Better still, there is a large message on the Tesla’s centre display screen that advises concerned passers-by that the dog isn’t in danger because the cabin is currently being air-conditioned.

The display also prominently shows the in-cabin temperature, to quell any concerns for the dog’s welfare.

The hope is that a concerned citizen – or a first responder – sees the notification on the Tesla dash explaining the car is in ‘Dog Mode,’ and so no-one smashes a side window to save a dog that didn’t need saving.

Although Dog Mode was introduced to Tesla cars as a running change from 2019 onwards, many new owners are only just discovering the technology.

And some are discovering one of its limitations the hard way.

A report on social media has warned fellow Tesla owners to not use Dog Mode when there is a human in the car – if the human plans on opening the door to get out and stretch their legs.

If the door opens when the Tesla is in Dog Mode, an alarm sounds – and it cannot be easily switched off.

The advice from expert Tesla owners? If you’re experimenting with Dog Mode in your new Tesla, be sure it’s only used when there is a dog in the car. Unless you want to annoy the neighbours with a loud alarm that could take minutes to mute if the driver isn’t nearby.