Fisker Karma's price goes up...and up

In May of this year, we reported that the gorgeous electric car, the Fisker Karma, would be retailing for US$87,900. Now, it seems the price has risen again.
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Originally said to be US$80,000 when previewed in 2008, the price rose to the above figure earlier this year, and now Fisker says it will begin at US$95,900.

Including tax incentives for being a green car, Fisker says the Karma is comparable to a Porsche Panamera S price-wise, meaning in Australia, the Karma would probably come in north of AU$270,000.

Pricing of the Karma will be as follows (in US dollars):

EcoStandard: $95,900
EcoSport: $103,000
EcoChic: $108,900

Options include: Tri-Tone Leather Interior: $2,200, Diamond Dust Paint : $3,000, "Special Paint" : $3,000

After numerous production delays and funding problems, it would seem the Karma is off to a shaky start. The first test cars will only be ready mid next year.

What we want to know is: Would you pay a quarter of a million for a car that does 0-100km/h in only 5.8 seconds, but is kind on the environment?