Titan Industries to launch gold-plated Tata Nano

A new Nano is set to be released in April next year, and it's going to be gold. Not gold in colour, you understand, an actual gold car.
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Titan Industries, a division of the Tata Group, will launch the gold "jewellery car" to celebrate the 5000th anniversary of Indian jewellery.

Called the Goldplus Nano, the design was the result of a competition, and the winning entry is the car you see above. It will be coated in real gold at Titan's Bangalore plant, and Tata is hoping it will boost Nano sales, which have been flagging of late. Tata sold 9000 Nanos in July, yet in November, only shifted 509.

The car catching fire several times probably hasn't helped its cause, but let's be honest, that hasn't stopped Ferrari F458 Italia sales now, has it?...

Image: International Business Times