There's been mixed reports as to what happened exactly, but James May from Top Gear UK has been injured during the filming of an upcoming Top Gear Christmas special episode in Iraq.
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According to reports, May was helping out colleague Jeremy Clarkson at the time of the accident. May was apparently trying to tow Clarkson's car out of a sticky situation.

One report has said May was standing on the tow rope just before pulling Clarkson free when the rope slack suddenly went tight hurling May head-first onto the ground. Another report says May simply fell into the ditch surrounding the rough area.

Either way, May was then taken to the nearest hospital where he was diagnosed with concussion and administered some stitches for a cut on his head. May has spoken about the incident though and seems to be in a stable condition, even relaxed enough to offer some typical British wit. He said,

"The Syrians were just excited to be able to use their new [brain] scanner."

The episode in question sees the three boys driving to Bethlehem in a 1932km 'Three Wise Men' recreation using a range of modified mid-90s convertibles, including a Mazda MX-5, BMW Z3 and a Fiat Barchetta. The episode is set to air in the UK on Boxing Day.