1.2 billion cars on the road by 2015

With over 1 million new cars sold in Australia last year and record sales before that, the statistics show that on average, almost 50% of all Australian households have bought a new car in the last 3 years.
1.2 billion cars on the road by 2015
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The U.S. market struggled for the most part of last year and it continues to suffer from the financial issue related to the declining stock market, but worldwide many countries have had similar success to Australia, setting all time new car sales records.

Al GoreAfter all, it now seems that despite Al Gore's vigilant attempts, not many are too concerned about the environment, the pollution and the fate of some cute polar bears.

A German research firm - R. L. Polk - has conducted a global survey which is estimating that by 2010, there will be one billion cars on the road. But it gets better as that number is set to increase 20% by 2015, equalling to 1.2 billion cars on the road worldwide.

This massive surge in new cars is partially the result of car companies expanding at a rapid rate into Eastern Europe, South-East Asia and South America.

Only recently we brought you news of India’s Tata Motors going for 1 million sales a year with the new Nano minicar - which just happens to be the cheapest car in the world.

The interesting bit about all these statistics is that perhaps in the not so distant future, American and European auto manufacturers will no longer be designing cars for the Western world.

Surely if Volkswagen wants to topple Toyota as the number 1 manufacturer, the German company needs to move into India and China faster than the rest.

So what do you think? Should we introduce 15-20 year laws to crush old cars (classics exempt of course)? Or perhaps governments worldwide can spend some money on smart public transport infrastructure, because if you thought traffic is bad now, wait till 2015!