It's never too late if you've got the cash. Looking for a last-minute Christmas present and have an account balance bigger than you know what to do with? Try this for size. It's called the Strand Craft 166 by Grey Design and with this present the
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supercars are included.

Grey Design is a luxury yacht maker based in Sweden and extravagance is the company's forte. Just looking at this thing you can smell the money floating, wafting from it. From the retracting entertaining area on the bow - with its own jacuzzi, to the huge opening sunroof above the flybridge, it is the ultimate display in wealth on water.

At the back, inside the yacht's own garage of course, sits a bespoke Grey Design supercar. A car that can only be obtained through the purchase of the yacht. It gets by with a 4.3-litre V8 engine capable of pulling the sleek coupe to 320km/h. If you don't fancy the custom car though, Grey Design will stow a Ferrari, Lamborghini or a Koenigsegg into the garage if you'd prefer.

Getting back to the yacht though, the power behind this creation is astonishing. It uses two MTU 20V4000 M93L, turbocharged V20 diesel engines, each outputting 4300kW, and, an additional Vericor TF50 gas turbine booster engine supplementing 4177kW. So all up, the SC166 superyacht offers 12777kW of power... or about as much as 65 Ford Falcons put together. Strangely, the top speed offering isn't all that great; just 40 knots (74km/h).

The attention to detail is equally gob-smacking. The yacht is draped in, get this, bullet-proof leather. Yep, it's what's called Japanese Samurai tread leather which is woven from Vectran fibre. Grey Design will cover the walls in this stuff you wish, rendering the entire cabin bullet proof. There's also plenty of brushed aluminium and soft LED lighting throughout.

A Grey Design press release release recently summed it up perfectly, saying,

"Her low stance, enormous length and curled haunches give this vessel a dynamic aesthetic that is guaranteed to turn heads in the the most well appointed marinas."

It sure would. Check out the video below for a digital demonstration.