MG3 unveiled at Guangzhou Motor Show in China

MG has kept this one reasonably quiet. It's called the MG3 and it made its debut in China recently, at the Guangzhou Motor Show. The car was produced by MG's parent company, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC).
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Specific details of the car are yet to be released, but reports from Autocar say the MG3 is around the same size as the current Ford Fiesta and will rival the likes of such cars in its local market in China. It also appears to be styled loosely on the MG Zero Concept car too, which means it's fairly tasteful in design and should do quite well.

Complete engine specifications haven't been confirmed yet, but the company has revealed that one particular trim level of the MG3 will get a 1.5-litre engine offering 80kW of power and 134Nm of torque. This will also place it nicely up against other cars in the category. Other engines suspected to be introduced include a 1.3-litre offering 50kW, a small diesel engine and a sporty, turbocharged version of the 1.5-litre unit, said to offer up to 116kW.

As MG Motors in the UK didn't even know this car existed until now it probably means it won't go on sale in any other markets, or not for at least two years. The car will go on sale in China from March next year.