A few weeks ago we were previewed, teased if you like, a new performance specification of the Subaru WRX STI. The company has now released the full details of the Subaru WRX STI tS and A-Line tS which is to hit the Japanese market at the end of January, 2011.
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The WRX STI tS and A-Line tS versions will be placed underneath the WRX STI Spec C in terms of track orientation. But it still means it's lighter and more powerful than the standard STI. It's also features more heavy-duty components, such as a flexible rear support and rear suspension link.

Other track-oriented elements remain as per usual STI, such as the strut tower brace for the front suspension, STI tuned suspension front and rear and the flexible draw-stiffeners that were introduced on the R205 version introduced earlier this year.

Another aspect that separates the tS from the normal STI is the focus on weight reduction. The new WRX STI tS features a full carbon fibre roof and an aluminium bonnet. It also gets lightweight 18in alloy wheels and new Recaro seats inside.

Under the bonnet, the tS gets 227kW of power, 6kW over the standard WRX STI. The addition of the A-Line tS also means there's now an automatic option for STI enthusiasts.

Unfortunately, the WRX STI tS series won't make it Down Under any time soon, not as an official, Subaru Australia-delivered model anyway. It's a shame, because that carbon roof certainly looks the goods.