Apple’s on-again off-again electric car has returned in new rumours.
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US tech giant Apple is currently in negotiations with China’s BYD and CATL to supply batteries for its on-again off-again electric vehicle (EV), according to a new report from Reuters citing “four people with direct knowledge of the matter.”

However, US President Joe Biden's administration has reportedly insisted such a deal – should it go ahead – would require the necessary manufacturing facilities be built locally, and employ American workers.

It's unclear how advanced the arrangements are at this stage. Reuters notes no formal agreements have been signed, and "discussions are subject to change."

BYD is the world's fourth-largest car manufacturer by market cap, and has invested heavily over the past decade in its 'Blade Battery' and electric vehicle development programs.

CATL, meanwhile, is a major technology manufacturer based in the port city of Ningde, and is the world's third-largest battery supplier for electric vehicles.

Apple has not yet publicly recognised the existence of its EV program, however the company has been hiring automotive executives and engineers en masse since at least 2015. Earlier this year CarAdvice reported it was aiming to launch its first model in 2024.

Other contractors reportedly associated with the project include LG Magna, Hyundai, Kia, and Volkswagen.