Nissan Leaf Aero Style Concept at 2011 Tokyo Auto Salon

Nissan is set to unveil nine new customised vehicles at the 2011 Tokyo Auto Salon.
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In collaboration with Autech Japan and Nissan Motorsports International (Nismo), the vehicles range from styling concepts to production racecars.

One of the most striking designs is the Nissan Leaf Aero Style Concept. The ground-hugging electric hatch looks surprisingly sporty, with a muscular front bumper, flat black and white wheels and blue badging and decal highlights.

Nissan says the Leaf concept “expresses an image of futuristic sport EV driving”.

The Nissan Micra-based March Bolero scores a bold mesh grille reminiscent of a Bentley or Jaguar, and has the bonnet bulge to match. The interior is finished in horizontally striped wine-coloured material.

The Nismo Version Fairlady Z (Nissan 370Z in Australia) design is focused on improving aerodynamic performance. The redesigned front fascia looks rather conservative, but together with the front splitter, rear wing and other components, the Nismo achieves greater downforce and reduced air resistance.

The suspension and power steering have also been tweaked to provide a more dynamic ride, and engine output is up 16kW to 261kW.

Also on show will be the Juke Sporty Package, with aftermarket styling features designed for the European and North American markets, the Serena Rider van and two versions of the Elgrand minivan – an ‘S-tune’ street version and a ‘Premium’ luxury variant.

Also making their debuts at the show will be the Motul Autech GT-R, which appeared in the 2010 Super GT season, and the Nissan Nismo GT-R RC, a specifically developed circuit racer designed to FIA standards.

The nine vehicles will be on display at the Tokyo Auto Salon on January 14-16, 2011, at Makuhari Messe.

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