One thousand AMG-badged vehicles have been sold by Mercedes-Benz Australia in 2010. The 1000th car then? It was the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG 'Blackbird' special edition showcased at this year's Sydney International Motor Show.
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The lucky buyer helped the company make history earlier today through purchasing the strictly limited, one-off supercar. Director of Mercedes-Benz cars, Horst von Sanden, said of the vehicle,

"This unique SLS AMG is the first and the only SLS AMG in the world to be painted in Designo magno Night Black along with the red badging and paint highlights both inside and out."The 'Blackbird' was created by the Performance Studio at AMG in Affalterbach specifically to our specifications and we have an ironclad commitment from AMG that they will never be repeated in the colour scheme that it is finished in."

Mercedes-Benz as an international company is enjoying local sales, with Australia the fifth-largest market in the world for AMG models. The most popular AMG model in our local market was and is by far the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG, which was sold to well over 500 customers this year. Mr von Sanden added,

"The AMG range has long been a favourite of prestige performance buyer’s downunder, but the benchmark of 1000 vehicles is very significant not just for us here but our colleagues at AMG in Germany," he said."We are rated in the top five markets worldwide for sales and penetration and in 2011 we have some amazing new AMG models on the way to build on this year’s success."

The only other exclusive car AMG is waiting to sell to a lucky buyer is the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG 'Jaffa' special edition, which was also on show at the Sydney International Motor Show. Unfortunately prospective buyers will have to wait until the car has finished its duties at the 2011 Formula 1 TM Qantas Australian Grand Prix (held during the last weekend of March 2011), before it goes up for sale.