The Japanese car giant has claimed bragging rights just weeks after Hyundai set the world record in Australia.
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A Toyota Mirai has broken the distance record for a hydrogen-powered car just weeks after Hyundai set the record in Australia.

The hydrogen-fuelled Mirai completed a round trip of 1003km on one tank of fuel in France last week, ending the record run with 9km of range left in the tank.

The previous record was set only a few weeks ago in Australia, with a Hyundai Nexo covering a distance of 887.5km between Melbourne and Broken Hill on one tank of hydrogen.

The record-breaking Mirai left a hydrogen filling station in the suburbs of Paris at 5:43am on 26 May, its fuel filler flap sealed with tape and wax.

The 1003km were all driven on public roads, starting in the south of Paris and taking in the Loir-et-Cher and Indre-et-Loire areas before ending in Paris near the Eifel Tower which was lit up for the first time by green hydrogen power especially for the record-breaking attempt.

The distance and consumption figures were verified by independent authorities.

The Mirai averaged 0.55kg/100km hydrogen consumption, the Toyota’s tank capable of holding 5.6kg. Toyota used green hydrogen for the record attempt.

According to Toyota, the four drivers who took part in the record run “used no special techniques that could not be used by everyday drivers”.

The Toyota Mirai is fitted with a fuel cell that converts hydrogen into electricity which is used to power an electric transaxle that drives the rear wheels. Toyota claims system outputs of 134kW and 300Nm and a usual driving range of around 650km on one tank of hydrogen. Refilling takes around five minutes.

Australians will be able to buy a Toyota Mirai within two to three years, according to Toyota Australia, once enough hydrogen refuelling infrastructure is in place.