Volkswagen has come up with an interesting lockable dashboard feature to protect a car's satellite navigation and in-car entertainment system. The steel plate is simply placed over the top of the centre display unit and locks with a key.
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It's an interesting feature, but is it really necessary? Well, according to new trends in Europe, thieves are targeting, specifically, Volkswagen's RNS 310 and RNS 510 satellite navigation systems offered in a range of Volkswagen cars - these include the Volkswagen Golf, Volkswagen Passat and Passat CC. Owners are getting tired of coming home in a car with hole in the dashboard.

European customers can now option the protective steel plate on their cars for around 219 euros (roughly $294). The armour plate is then removed and replaced with ease using a normal key lock. Volkswagen says the new plate will deter thieves from peering in through the window and seeing the sat-nav system. The company says it will slow down any criminals who do attempt to penetrate into the car to take the system.

It's pretty awkward and possibly a bit rash but it will slow down thieves and it is cheaper than the cost of a new nav system.