The move to invest in manned electric vehicles suggests Uber's confidence in autonomous technology could be waning.
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Rideshare powerhouse Uber has confirmed it will collaborate with UK tech firm Arrival in the design of an electric car.

The model is slated for reveal in late 2021, and mass production is promised by the third quarter of 2023 (July to September inclusive).

A statement from the joint design team says: “[Our car should] prioritise driver comfort, safety, and convenience, while ensuring the passengers enjoy a premium experience – with this in mind, Arrival will collaborate with Uber drivers in the design process over the coming months to ensure the Arrival Car reflects the needs of professional drivers and their passengers.”

Details remain thin on the ground, with power output, battery size, range and pricing yet to be confirmed. However, official renders suggest the vehicle will feature a pod-like design, bench seat in the rear, stowable front passenger seat, and a 'frunk' storage compartment.

The senior vice president at Arrival, Tom Elvidge, told journalists earlier this month the vehicle “could” be built in the UK. However, manufacturing arrangements have yet to be confirmed.

It is also unclear how the Arrival Car will be allocated – most rideshare drivers are employed as "private contractors," and therefore would likely be required to buy (or at least lease) the vehicle from Uber.

CarAdvice has contacted Arrival for further details on the car. This story will be updated when more information becomes available.

In 2020 Uber sold off its autonomous driving subsidiary – known as Advanced Technologies Group – despite previously claiming the division was critical to its future growth strategy.

The latest move to invest in the development of manned electric vehicles suggests industry confidence in the short-term potential of self-driving technology could be running thin.

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