The ID.X generates more than twice as much power as the the standard ID.3 on which it is based.
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A new Volkswagen hot-hatch concept known as the ID.X has been shown off by CEO Ralf Brandstaetter on his private LinkedIn page.

Based on the German manufacturer’s all-electric ID.3 model, the sporty EV reportedly delivers 245kW to all four wheels via dual motors.

Drawing voltage from an 82kWh lithium-ion battery pack, these electric motors allow the 0-100km/h benchmark sprint to be completed in a claimed 5.3 seconds. This leaves it placed between Volkswagen’s Golf R (claimed 4.8 seconds) and Golf GTI (claimed 6.2 seconds) in the performance rankings.

For reference, the standard entry-level ID.3 puts out just 110kW from a single rear axle-mounted motor, allowing the 0-100km/h sprint to be completed in a leisurely 8.9 seconds. Voltage is drawn from a 45kWh battery.

Perhaps more impressive than the ID.X powertrain however, is its significant weight shedding – according to Mr Brandstaetter, the vehicle weighs roughly "200kg less" than its production ID sibling, therefore likely tipping the scales at approximately 1400kg.

Not only is that impressive for a battery electric vehicle – which have historically been difficult to keep lightweight – it's 169kg lighter than the 1569kg current-generation Golf R.

The CEO said: “Even if the ID.X will not be a production vehicle, we will take up many ideas [from the concept].”

While this implies the zero-emission hot-hatch could still make it to the showroom floor, CarAdvice understands this is unlikely. However, an ID.3 R variant reportedly remains on the cards.

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