According to Automotive News Europe, Audi has apparently denied suggestions that its Audi A1 is too expensive, and denies that it isn't selling as fast as expected because of the retail price.
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In Germany, the Audi A1 is priced at around 15,800 euros (AU$21,200) and Audi dealers and industry experts are saying the reason the Audi A1 hasn't been selling like hot cakes is because it is too expensive for its target market. They say the new A1 is targeted at the younger generation, but for them, this is out of their price range.

It's a car designed to rival the likes of BMW's Mini range too, and Metzler Bank auto analyst, Juergen Pieper, said to Automobilwoche the reason sales haven't gone as well as expected is because, "Audi is simply asking too much money for a small premium car". Pieper says Mini is able to ask for a higher premium because the car is an icon and has a cult status.

Despite what punters are saying, an Audi spokesman said in the report,

"The A1 is enjoying considerable success: The company stands by the estimate made at the time of the car's launch that around 50,000 units will be built by the end of 2010 and 30,000 of them delivered to customers."

Since the car's launch in August Audi has sold more than 20,000 A1s. Audi is expecting sales to increase even further with the introduction of the five-door model scheduled for 2012.