Alfa Romeo 169 to use Chrysler 300C platform

According to the latest reports, Alfa Romeo is working on a 166 replacement to be called the Alfa Romeo 169. This will be the largest Alfa Romeo on offer and could use the upcoming 2012 Chrysler 300C platform.
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Fiat and Chrysler ties are getting stronger and stronger as both companies try to build their brands. A new large luxury car might be just the thing for the Italian marque.

No official details have been released yet, but speculators say it will offer design elements also seen on the Alfa Romeo Mito and the Guilietta, as well as the stunning 8C Competizione. All that on a 300C platform is certainly something we'd like to see.

German publication auto moto und sport also says the new model will get a brand-new 3.0-litre V8 engine outputting as much as 300kW of power. Using just 3.0-litres to generate that much power means the engine is likely to be a screamer, or it might introduce a first for the Italian brand and offer turbocharging on a large petrol engine.

General proportions and size of the new 169 are said to be around the same as the 2012 300C counterpart, which means it could be the largest Alfa Romeo ever offered. The 169 would also be rear-wheel drive unlike most modern-day Alfas - except the 8C supercar.

These are all just rumours at this stage though, so we'll be sure to bring you more concrete details on the new 169 as soon as they become available.