The prices of the Mitsubishi Triton range have increased in the lead-up to the end of the financial year, though only some models receive more equipment.
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The 2021 Mitsubishi Triton has received a fresh round of price rises in the lead-up to the end of the financial year on June 30 and the biggest month for sales of utes and vans.

The third price rise for the Mitsubishi Triton in eight months amounts to increases of between $250 and $450 in most cases.

A confidential Mitsubishi dealer bulletin shows 13 of the 22 models have drive-away pricing deals, and only some variants have received equipment changes.

More variants of the base-model Mitsubishi Triton GLX are available with the previously optional advanced safety ADAS system, though the bulletin doesn't outline exactly which examples gain the extra tech, so be sure to check with your dealer.

Meanwhile, mid-grade Mitsubishi Triton GLX-R models now gain a rear differential lock as standard, and come with 18-inch alloy wheels finished in black paint. A 4x2 version of the GLX-R is also available for the first time.

The global semiconductor shortage means Mitsubishi is rationing its 360-degree camera tech to certain GLS Deluxe and GSR models. The surround-view camera system will be temporarily unavailable on some variants, though a rear-view camera will remain as standard.

Another new variant, the Mitsubishi Triton GLS Deluxe, gains leather seats, power adjustment for the driver's seat, heated front seats and, pending availability, a 360-degree camera.

CarAdvice has compiled the following list based on information supplied by dealers. The prices and drive-away offers were accurate as this article was published but are subject to change and vehicle availability.

RRPs do not include on-road costs or metallic paint. Drive-away prices exclude an extra charge for metallic paint.

ModelDrivelineBody styleOld RRPNew RRPDrive-away price
Mitsubishi Triton GLX4x2 petrol manualSingle cab chassis$23,490$23,740Not advertised
Mitsubishi Triton GLX4x2 diesel manualSingle cab chassis$27,990$28,240Not advertised
Mitsubishi Triton GLX4x2 diesel autoSingle cab chassis$30,240$30,490Not advertised
Mitsubishi Triton GLX ADAS4x2 diesel autoDouble cab pick-up$37,490$37,940$38,940
Mitsubishi Triton GLX4x4 diesel manualSingle cab chassis$34,740$34,990Not advertised
Mitsubishi Triton GLX4x4 diesel autoSingle cab chassis$36,990$37,240Not advertised
Mitsubishi Triton GLX4x4 diesel manualClub cab chassis$36,990$37,440Not advertised
Mitsubishi Triton GLX4x4 diesel autoClub cab chassis$39,240$40,440Not advertised
Mitsubishi Triton GLX4x4 diesel manualDouble cab chassis$37,740$38,940Not advertised
Mitsubishi Triton GLX4x4 diesel autoDouble cab chassis$39,990$41,190Not advertised
Mitsubishi Triton GLX4x4 diesel autoDouble cab pick-up$40,990$42,140$40,890
Mitsubishi Triton GLX+4x4 diesel autoClub cab pick-up$42,740$43,190$42,940
Mitsubishi Triton GLX+4x4 diesel manualDouble cab pick-up$42,240$42,690$41,440
Mitsubishi Triton GLX+4x4 diesel autoDouble cab pick-up$44,490$44,940$43,690
Mitsubishi Triton GLX-R4x2 diesel autoDouble cab pick-upNew model$41,740$42,740
Mitsubishi Triton GLX-R4x4 diesel autoDouble cab pick-up$43,240$45,940$44,690
Mitsubishi Triton GLS4x4 diesel manualDouble cab pick-up$46,990$47,290$46,040
Mitsubishi Triton GLS4x4 diesel autoDouble cab pick-up$49,240$49,540$48,290
Mitsubishi Triton GLS Deluxe4x4 diesel autoDouble cab pick-upNew model$52,490$51,490
Mitsubishi Triton GSR (base)4x4 diesel autoDouble cab pick-up$53,490$53,240$52,740
Mitsubishi Triton GSR (roll top)4x4 diesel autoDouble cab pick-upNew model$59,886$57,240
Mitsubishi Triton GSR (tan interior)4x4 diesel autoDouble cab pick-upNew model$54,730$54,230