Fisker Karma - 2008 Detroit Auto Show - Day 2
Fisker Karma - 2008 Detroit Auto Show
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Fisker Automotive, which is the project of former Aston Martin head designer Henrik Fisker, has today showed off its premium plug-in hybrid sports vehicle named Karma.

The car uses a standard four-cylinder engine attacked to a lithium ion battery pack. The Karma is the sort of car you can take out all day, then bring it home to charge.

It will simply plug into an ordinary household outlet and take roughly six hours to recharge on a 220-volt system. The best thing about the car is its ability to run for 80km on electricity alone, Henrik said. U.S. prices for the Karma are expected to start at around $80,000.

Fisker Karma - 2008 Detroit Auto Show

Additionally the Karma utilises a solar panel on its roof to help recharge the battery.

Looking at the car you would have probably expected a lot of power and noise, and although power is still unconfirmed (we can't imagine it will be too much) the noise is taken care of by a special tune.

According to Fisker, when the Karma is running on petrol, it will produce a sound "somewhere between a Formula One car and a jet plane,".

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