Sacré bleu! French cars accounted for just 0.5 per cent of Australian new-car in April 2021.
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Just 490 French cars were reported as sold during April 2021 in Australia – representing 0.53 per cent of total deliveries – according to the most recent figures from the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI).

Throughout the month Renault reported 298 vehicles as sold, Peugeot reported 189 vehicles as sold, and Citroen reported just three vehicles as sold.

For reference, the entire Citroen line-up was outsold two-to-one by the Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel-cell sedan (available only to select businesses).

In COVID-stricken April 2020, French cars represented almost one per cent of total sales, meaning sales have effectively halved as the overall new-car market surged.

As recently as five years ago, cars from the European country consistently made up more than 2.0 per cent of national sales – in April 2016 Renault reported 929 vehicles as sold, Peugeot reported 401, and Citroen reported 116 vehicles.

In 2021 the three brands are cumulatively down by more than 30 per cent on last year’s results (year to date), despite a record bounce-back in new car sales industrywide.

While the latest results are some of the worst in recent memory, the local prevalence of French cars has been in decline for some time. In April of this year Renault's local operations were taken over by independent distributor Ateco.