Looking for some unique garden art? We might have found just the thing.
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Remember the Australian TV series, Legacy of the Silver Shadow?

Neither do we.

It apparently ran for thirteen episodes back in 2002, and as well as featuring a nonsensical plot and a bunch of actors who went on to have minor roles in Neighbours, it included an iconic vehicle known as 'The Shadow Mobile'.

The silver machine is a one-off cross between a personnel carrier and some kind of spaceship, and it could be yours!

Advertised on auction platform eBay, the Shadow Mobile (currently located in Maryborough in central Victoria) has a starting point of $3500. There are currently no bids.

Perhaps of more interest, is that the six-wheeled vehicle is noted as being built on a Lada Niva chassis. Which, given the Niva is a short wheelbase monocoque, feels a bit strange.

No stranger than the rest of the car/machine/thing though, which is said to run and drive, albeit looking a little less 'screen ready' than in its heyday two decades ago.

The owner tells us the machine was found in a paddock in Central Victoria around 12 months ago.

Constructed out of a mixture of box steel, fibreglass, wood and spiderwebs, the seller states it will need a full restoration, but has been in contact with the original builder.

There's a pretty serious front overhang too, so ah if you do win it, don't go up any steep driveways.

We've included an episode of Legacy of the Silver Shadow below, which includes cameos of the vehicle after 10 minutes and again at the 20 minute mark.

See if you can spot the oil leaks after the car drives away.