The Lightning nameplate will to make a comeback on the F-150, with the upcoming release of the electric pick-up.
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UPDATE, 11 May 2021: Ford has officially confirmed the electric F-150 will wear the Lightning name, with a global reveal set for 20 May 2021, at 11:30am AEST.

In a statement, Ford president and CEO Jim Farley said: "Every so often, a new vehicle comes along that disrupts the status quo and changes the game … Model T, Mustang, Prius, Model 3. Now comes the F-150 Lightning,"

"America’s favorite vehicle for nearly half a century is going digital and fully electric. F-150 Lightning can power your home during an outage; it’s even quicker than the original F-150 Lightning performance truck; and it will constantly improve through over-the-air updates."

A short video released by the brand confirms the production truck will feature the same full-width LED front light bar first teased in a shadowy image in September 2020.

Stay tuned to CarAdvice for the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning's full reveal next week, ahead of its US market launch in the northern spring of 2022.

Our original story continues unchanged below.

4 May 2021: Ford may be about to bring back the Lightning nameplate, previously reserved for performance variants of the F-150.

According to US publication Car & Driver, the Ford F-150 Lightning will be the name of its all-electric pick-up, slated to go into production by mid-2022.

The Lightning badge first appeared on the F-150 in 1993 as a competitor to the Chevrolet 454 SS pick-up. Together with chassis, suspension, interior, and styling tweaks, the Lightning gained a 5.8-litre V8 putting out 179kW. A HSV Clubsport from the same year produced 185kW.

In September 2020, Ford confirmed the upcoming electric version of its ute would have more power than any F-150 ever sold, eclipsing the current F-150 Raptor which offers 336kW and 692Nm from its 3.5-litre twin-turbo petrol V6.

However, the language used by Ford at the time suggested the claim was retrospective – hinting that the Blue Oval may be planning something even bigger.

Ford has confirmed the F-150 Raptor will gain a flagship V8 version in 2022, badged 'Raptor R', with rumours pointing to the 560kW-plus 5.2-litre V8 from the Mustang GT500 fitted under the bonnet in order to compete with the V8-powered Ram 1500 TRX.

It's expected the electric Ford F-150 Lightning will drive all four wheels from two electric motors, with a range of roughly 500km. Late last year Ford patented a small removable range-extender for the tub of the pick-up with the appearance of a tool box.