A crudely-modified vehicle has been towed in Adelaide over the weekend, and its driver arrested.
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South Australia Police have towed a home-made Hyundai Excel convertible following the arrest of an Adelaide man, early Sunday morning.

The 25-year-old – whose licence had been expired for six years and was on bail not to drive – allegedly yelled at police before running a red light in the roof-chopped Hyundai sedan, just before 1am on Sunday.

Photos show crash damage to the rear-end, as well as an aftermarket parking camera installed on the bumper bar.

Convertibles must adhere to strict safety regulations, with roll-over hoops and strengthened A-pillars designed to protect occupants in an accident, as well as under car bracing to increase chassis rigidity.

The man was arrested and charged with driving unlicensed, failing to stop at a red light, breaching bail, and breaching vehicle standards.

Police defected the four-door Excel convertible and had the vehicle towed.