For a segment that comparatively sells so little – in terms of the raw numbers at least – debate is almost endless when conversation turns to the best super sports car.
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Drive Car of the Year 2021 - Best Super Sports Car (over $100k)


After much debate and dissection, the judging team whittled the contender list down to three. No easy feat either, given the quality of the field at this end of the performance envelope.

Our top three is as varied as it is expensive and attempts to solve the high-end sportscar riddle from very different angles. That debate is interesting because in this field and with a budget that stretches into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, sportscar means very different things to very different people.

The Audi R8 Performance represents the pinnacle of the R8 range, quattro system present and accounted for, not to mention aggressive style and a screaming NA V10. Ferrari’s F8 Tributo – despite the turbocharger – is a very ‘Ferrari’ approach to the segment, with dramatic styling and blistering speed. And lastly, the Porsche 911 Turbo S is, well, a 911 Turbo S – AWD, easy to drive, and brutally fast, but with signature understated styling and Porsche build quality.

And the Winner is...

Porsche 911 Turbo S

Engineering perfection. Every. Single. Day.

The interesting concept that gets tossed around the Drive office in regard to this segment is that if you have half a million dollars (or more) to spend on a car, a couple of things probably don’t matter. Namely, which one is ‘better’ and notionally, which one stacks up smarter against the competition.

What we mean by that, is if you’ve wanted a Porsche 911 your whole life, you’re hardly going to buy a Ferrari. Or a Lamborghini. Or an Audi. This segment is as much about what a car says about the owner, as it is power and speed. While we could only pick one winner, all three finalists are truly sensational super sports cars.

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