You know someone is serious when they turn up to a track day with one of these. This is no weekend warrior though, it's a full-on FIA GT Championship race car, called the Ferrari 458 GT2.
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Seen here in its natural habitat, Ferrari developers have been testing the car on its own Fiorano test track to prepare it for next year's GT Championship. It replaces the Ferrari 360 GTC and the Ferrari 430 GT2 that raced in both the FIA GTC and the American Le Mans Series championships in previous years.

Powering the car is an FIA-restricted 350kW V8 engine, which outputs 75kW less than the road car. The racer is light though, and is also restricted to a minimum weight of 1245kg. It also features a six-speed paddle-shifted gearbox.

If the road car is anything to go by then Ferrari's latest GT car will leave the competition for dead in the upcoming season.