Video: Slow Down iPhone app for musical motorists

Sometimes it’s hard to resist putting the foot down when your favourite song comes on, but a new app from a European road safety organisation makes it impossible to listen to your music if you are speeding.
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The video above explains it pretty well. If your iPhone detects you are travelling above the speed limit (which you input before and during your trip) it will slow down the tempo of the music.If you exceed the limit by more than 10km/h, the tunes cut out entirely.The application was designed by Belgian group OVK – Parents of Children Killed in Road Accidents – and while the system has obvious limitations, for the designers it’s a matter of ‘if it saves one life, it’s all been worth it’.Best of all it’s free, so why not give it a go and download it for someone you know who gets a little swept up in the beat while behind the wheel?