Last week we reported that Tata Nano sales had dropped by as much as 85 percent since last year. The company is now introducing a warranty plan more than double what was previously offered. The company has also announced a cost-effective $2 per month maintenance program.
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As a way of tackling the drop in sales of the 'world's cheapest car', Tata has announced the Tata Nano now comes with a four year/60,000km warranty instead of the previous 18 month system. Bad luck to the people who bought the Nano just before this was announced then? Not quite, Tata says already-sold vehicles will also be covered by the extended reassurance. If only all mainstream manufactures were so friendly.

The company is obviously very keen to retract some of the sales because it is also offering a $2 maintenance program. Customers simply pay $2 every month to cover certain servicing costs.

Tata has apparently opened up more access points around India which provide free test drives of the car to create more awareness of its existence too, and, according to reports, is offering up to 90 percent finance with all new sales.