Tesla Roadster Sport Brabus Green package

Brabus, a renowned Mercedes-Benz tuner known for creating ballistic freeway weapons like the Brabus Rocket and Brabus Bullit, has now taken a spanner to the Telsa Roadster all-electric sports car. It's called the Tesla Roadster Sport Brabus Green package.
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The company didn't just pry the electric motor out and stuff a big supercharged V8, as one might expect, Brabus just wanted to give the Tesla some finishing touches. This means most of the upgrades are cosmetic. So there's a carbon fibre rear diffuser added on and a carbon rear spoiler, as well as a carbon fibre front lip fascia.

Other upgrades include Brabus 18in wheels for the front and matching 19in wheels for the back. You may notice the LED daytime running lights in the front end as well, these bring the car up to the latest fashion. There's more LED lights along the bottom of the car too, these 'Space Lights' illuminate once a door is opened or once a button is pushed on the key fob.

Because this car is electric, the tuners didn't really want to fiddle with the motors too much. So instead, Brabus includes a high-speed home recharging unit for customers to keep in their garage. This charing unit is capable of recharging the Tesla in less than six hours. Once it's recharged it then has a range of around 350km.

Being electric, Brabus also gives the driver a selection of 'engine sounds' to choose from to break the silence during driving. There's V8 sounds to racecar sounds as well as some futuristic tones called Beam and Warp. These give the car an added level of safety so pedestrians will be able to hear it approaching.

Brabus also gives the interior a complete makeover while the body can be painted in almost any colour you like.

The Tesla Roadster Sport Brabus Green package is only available in Germany.