MG Australia has partnered with Europcar to offer a fleet of electric vehicles, available from next week.
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Australia’s most affordable electric car – the MG ZS EV SUV – will now be available to rent, courtesy of Europcar.

From next week, customers will have access to the electric ZS in Melbourne. According to MG, its primary goal is to give consumers the opportunity to properly test drive an electric vehicle (EV).

"This exciting partnership will provide many people who are thinking of electric motoring the chance to try it for themselves, on their own terms," said Peter Ciao, CEO of SAIC Motor Australia and New Zealand – MG's parent company.

"And this is only the first step in the EV journey for MG and Europcar."

With relatively small EV sales numbers in Australia and minimal charging infrastructure, Europcar will provide each customer with suitable education prior to driving out of the car park.

"We recognise that there's going to be education required for customers which removes any barriers for them," Jonathan Dexter, Commercial Director at Europcar Australia and New Zealand, told CarAdvice.

"We understand that there's some anxiety potentially, that's why we are completing FAQs for customers so that they know everything down to the cables, [and] the charging networks within Melbourne," Mr Dexter said.

"Also, in New Zealand we have had EVs in our fleet for three to four year now, so we have been leveraging on the experience from the team in NZ."

Europcar will be sending all ZS EVs out fully charged. The company doesn't anticipate customers will be left stranded, as the average number of kilometres expected to travel will likely be considerably below the 263 kilometre range available from a single charge.

Longer-term rentals of the MG ZS EV can also be facilitated through Europcar – another audience MG are hoping to eventually acquire. What's more, electric vehicle rental may provide a solution to fuelling errors, whereby drivers fill up petrol cars with diesel or vice versa.

"I think the Europcar guys are really excited by the fact that they can send this car away full of electricity. It will go into Melbourne, it will do the tour of the city and it will probably still have half a battery full of charge. So the old problem of putting diesel in your petrol tank is probably a thing of the past." Tim Robson, PR and Communications Manager of MG Australia told CarAdvice.

Rental pricing for the MG ZS EV is yet to be confirmed.