Cop books speeding driver on opposite sides of the world

A police officer in New Zealand has given a motorist a second speeding ticket, two years after booking him for the same speeding offence in Britain.
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Constable Andy Flitton worked with the Metropolitan Police in London for 26 years before transferring to the Rangiora traffic unit in New Zealand around two years ago.

According to the New Zealand Herald, Constable Flitton pulled over the speeding driver and was writing him a ticket when he noticed the man behind the wheel was smiling.

“He asked if I had worked in London. I said 'yes'. He asked if I used to operate the laser gun on the A5 in North London. I said 'yes'."And he said 'I thought it was you. You gave me my last speeding ticket there two years ago'," Constable Flitton recalled.

He said he did not recognise the repeat offender at first, but shared a laugh with him when he did remember the previous incident, and questioned the odds of the second meeting.

“We must have some sort of connection," Constable Flitton said."He only ever broke the law twice and both times I was the one to give him a ticket. It cost him £60 ($96) over there and $NZ120 ($92) over here so it wasn't cheap.”