2011 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster spy shots

How brutally awesome is this thing going to be when it is released? A Roadster version of the Mercedes-benz SLS AMG. Our spy photographers have managed to snap some previews of the car during pre-production testing for us all to ogle.
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It was spotted during winter testing, obviously, but it didn't have the usual big black cover over the roof for extra camouflaging. Mercedes-Benz were testing to see how well the new canvas-top roof could handle the extreme conditions.

It's simply stunning to behold. Even in photographs the new Roadster SLS is a beautiful-looking machine. It features an elegant waste line that slowly flows from the tip of the bonnet, raising slightly at the cabin, then drooping down again to that curved rear end.

Reports say the Roadster version will feature the same technical specifications as the coupe 'Gullwing' version, meaning the same 6.2-litre, 400kW V8 will reside under the bonnet.

It is expected the Roadster will be subjected to a number of strengthening fixtures though, which would add some weight to the relatively light 1620kg mass of the coupe.

Because of the added weight, the Roaster might be a little be slower to 100km/h than the coupe. But really, who cares? Whether you're purring along a coast road or blasting on the highway, the Roadster is sure blow your socks off.

In a 'you win some, you loose some' kind of deal, the Roadster version will lose the traditional 'Gullwing' vertically-raising doors. Some cynics have said these doors were a bit cumbersome in tight areas, while others loved the eventful and extravagant action of opening and shutting them.

So the Roadster will get normal opening and shutting ones. But being pillar-less these will provide that elegant 'convertible' touch we think.

Interestingly, the SLS was being tested alongside an Audi R8 Roadster to see how well the drop-top roof compared. We're not sure the rear-drive platform would have been able to keep up with the Audi all-wheel drive system on the snow though.

AMG boss, Ola Kallenius, has said the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster will be officially unveiled at the Frankfurt International Motor Show in September next year.