Porsche Cayenne Vantage GTR 2 by Topcar

For better or for worse? The latest tuning company to try and 'fix' the controversial design of the Porsche Cayenne has taken a spanner or two to churn out this creation. It's called the Porsche Cayenne Vantage GTR 2 and judging by the bodykit, the Cayenne has been turned into a completely different car.
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Is it any better though? Well, we'll let you decide that one. In the meantime here are some tantalising details. Firstly, Topcar is a relatively new prestige tuning company from Russia and we must say, the company's first attempt at making an impact has certainly paid off.

Enhancements are essentially cosmetic with the car being kitted out with a full carbon fibre, wide-body kit. It includes extra intake scoops in front of the front doors as well as outlet cuts on the rear quarter panel. The rear doors have also been attacked by the same panel knife.

The front end is given a completely new bumper bar incorporating loads of horizontal chrome grilles. The bonnet is also carbon fibre and features heat-extracting vents down the middle and along the nose.

On the road, the kit has allowed the car to have large and wide wheels as the arches have been bulged extensively. These accommodate the bespoke, two-tone wheels and provide a wider track measurement over the standard Cayenne.

There's also plenty of attention to detail at the back, including a new bumper bar and aggressive rear diffuser supporting an exhaust outlet locater for each of the two sets of two tips.

Although much of the upgrades Topcar provides are visual, the company also offers engine tune packages. These range from 410kW to 560kW, helping the car's go match all that show.

Only 50 editions are being produced, so the popular Cayenne is turned into something much more exclusive. But what do you think, has all that work paid off?