Thanks to new information, we can reveal the front-end design of the new LandCruiser, as well as expected powertrains.
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The final design of the 2022 Toyota LandCruiser 300 Series has been revealed through unearthed technical drawings shared on Kurdistan Automotive Blog's Instagram.

The sketches show individual design elements of Toyota's new-generation LandCruiser – such as the headlights, grille, and bumper bar – which CarAdvice has stitched together to provide the best look yet at the new four-wheel-drive.

They also provide our first look at the new SUV's wheel designs, ranging from 17-inch steel wheels to 20-inch alloys.

Japan's Best Car reports the LC300 will feature similar dimensions to the current model, but will see the wheelbase grow by 50mm. While its width remains at 1980mm, the body is expected to shrink in length by 10mm – which, together with the changed wheelbase, should improve approach and departure angles for off-road driving.

Above and throughout: Leaked internal assembly drawings, revealing the next-generation LandCruiser's design.

Toyota's own chassis codes for the 300 Series have also been leaked, according to Kurdistan Automotive Blog, together with their accompanying engines. Here's what's known so far.

Toyota LandCruiser GRJ300: 1GR-FE

The GRJ300 will use the '1GR-FE' engine, an older 4.0-litre petrol V6 engine seen locally in the Toyota Prado, HiLux, and FJ Cruiser, with some versions of the engine producing up to 201kW and 377Nm.

It's worth noting the 'GR' in Toyota's native engine nomenclature does not relate to the car maker's sportier Gazoo Racing models.

Though there is a chance the engine could be fitted to entry-level LandCruiser variants locally, it's more likely to be offered in markets such as South Africa and the Middle East where the engine remains on sale, and is popular among local buyers.

Toyota LandCruiser FJA300: F33A-FTV

The FJA300 will introduce a new engine into the Toyota range: the 3.3-litre turbo diesel six-cylinder called the 'F33A-FTV'.

While some rumours claim it will employ a V6 configuration, Japanese publication BestCarWeb has suggested it could even be presented to the world as a four-cylinder engine.

However, one plausible rumour is that the engine will be an inline-six – a common engine in previous LandCruiser generations – shared with the upcoming rear-wheel-drive Mazda 6 and CX-5.

Toyota has a minority stake in Mazda, and the two car makers have made announcements in recent years pointing to shared technical developments.

Giving credence to these reports is the power output, with claims Mazda's 3.3-litre diesel will produce 210kW and 600Nm – very similar figures to the 200kW/650Nm offered in the current LandCruiser.

We do know this engine will replace the venerable turbo diesel V8 found in the 200 Series and will be the workhorse of the LandCruiser range.

Toyota LandCruiser VJA300: V35A-FTS

As previously reported, the 300 Series will get a 3.5-litre twin-turbo petrol V6 hybrid engine, to be named 'V35A-FTS'.

Though relatively new, a non-hybrid iteration of the twin-turbo engine has been fitted to the most-recent Lexus LS500 limousine where it delivers 310kW and 600Nm, while the LS500h offers hybridisation without the benefit of turbochargers.

With the LS500h weighing in at around 2300kg, fuel economy is claimed at 6.6 litres per 100 kilometres – though that figure is expected to jump to 10.1L/100km in the heavier, less aerodynamic, twin-turbocharged and four-wheel-drive LandCruiser.

As in the Lexus LS models, it's expected the hybridised V6 will be mated to a 10-speed automatic, and will almost certainly be offered in the flagship LandCruiser model, expected to be badged Sahara ZX – a revised nameplate trademarked by Toyota in late November 2020.

Some earlier whispers out of Japan reported a GR Sport version of the SUV was in development, which could feature the twin-turbo V6, tuned to offer a higher power output. However, there's a chance Toyota could opt for a newly-developed twin-turbo 4.0-litre V8 – an engine which is likely to be earmarked for the Lexus LX, the luxury arm's version of the LandCruiser.

While we're not expecting to see the 2022 Toyota LandCruiser 300 Series land until the second half of 2021, some industry whispers suggest Toyota could unveil the model by the end of April.

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