Majority of Australians support electric-vehicle policies, including the ban on fossil fuelled new cars sales by 2035, research shows.
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The latest study from the Australian Institute reveals the majority of Australians support electric-vehicle (EV) policies.

This includes a government subsidy on the purchase of new EVs along with a ban on the sale of new fossil-fuelled cars by 2035.

Key results from the survey reveal two in three Australians – or 62 per cent – agree with the government subsidies for the purchase of EVs.

"It’s clear the community want more support to make the transition. We absolutely need to reduce the upfront purchase price of these vehicles and provide adequate charging infrastructure to make this change viable to Australian families," said independent MP Zali Steggall.

What's more, 57 per cent of Australians encourage a ban on the sale of new fossil-fuelled vehicles from 2035. Half of the Coalition voters surveyed support the ban, while one in four oppose. Two out of three Labor voters surveyed and three quarters of all Greens voters support a 2035 ban.

"Australia would do well to follow the example of the United Kingdom and ban the sale of new internal combustion engine vehicles by 2030. This line in the sand will send a strong signal to car manufacturers to send zero-emission vehicles to Australia.

"This polling shows that the Australian public – across the political spectrum – have a huge appetite for change. They are ready to move on from internal combustion vehicles to the future of transport," Steggall remarked.

A nationally-representative sample of Australians were surveyed about electric vehicle policies in January and March 2021. The findings were released ahead of a briefing on transport emissions, hosted by the Parliamentary Friends of Climate Action in Parliament in recent weeks.