VACC's summer holiday vehicle safety advice

In the lead up to the summer holiday period, the Victorian Automotive Chamber of Commerce (VACC) has called on all motorists to have their cars and any trailers or caravans serviced.
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The VACC claims its new vehicle safety statistics, released today, show that more than a quarter of the cars on Victoria’s roads are unsafe.

Its repairers surveyed more than 5000 vehicles in 2010 and found that 27.62 percent failed its Five Point Safety Check, which focuses on tyres, brakes, lights, steering and restraints.

Around 17 percent of the cars tested had defective tyres. More than seven percent had brake issues, while steering and lighting defects each affected more than five percent of vehicles tested.

VACC executive director, David Purchase, said tyres, lights and electric cables especially had a tendency to deteriorate over time.

“VACC repairers tell us that many motorists are unaware the vehicle they drive is unsafe,” Mr Purchase said.“That is why it is important to take your vehicle to a trained professional on a regular basis. The best way to do this is to book your vehicle in for a service before heading off on holiday.”

Mr Purchase said the VACC would continue to call on the new Victorian Government to incorporate the Five Point Safety Check into its ‘Arrive Alive’ strategy.

“The issue of vehicle safety is as significant in the fight against the road toll as the issues of speeding, and drink and drug driving,” he said.