Tata Nano sales down 85 percent in November

Tata sales in India are steady, with the company reporting a monthly increase of one percent. The company sold just 509 examples of its Tata Nano however, down from October's 3065 units.
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It may be the world's cheapest car but it has had its fair share of problems since its debut in 2008. More recently it has been involved in a number of fire incidents. Reports of the vehicle catching fire were made which forced India's largest private company to retrofit safety devices to them.

Tata Group never called it a recall though, it said the safety devices were simply an optional feature fitted to later model versions of the car. It's very likely this fire recall problem could have hindered sales this month. Another reason sales dropped might have been due to Tata increasing the retail price of the car recently, upping it by $US198 to around $3000.

The little car was built for the people of India, not only for those who could previously only afford a motorbike but also for those who do not have a form of motorised transport at all.

To save costs, the Nano was built without a boot door (as it's pretty small anyway and anyone can just reach over), without power steering (as the car only weighs 600kg), without air conditioning or a radio of any kind, with only one side mirror and only three wheel nuts on each wheel.