BMW employees caught stealing parts in Munich

Up to three million euro ($4 million) worth of parts is said to have been stolen from BMW recently, after police caught a string of thieves stealing selected parts on the job at a BMW production facility in Munich. Reports say the thieves were then selling the parts on the black market.
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Inside, workers first began investigating the thefts before things started getting out of hand, and the case was handed over to police. The police said the workers in the product quality control department were labelling certain parts as defective and then collecting them from disposal storage. Links to some private garages and customers were made in the selling process.

According to reports, the ring of thieves even opened up international bank accounts for processing the online sales transactions. BMW is upset by the incidents and says these were the 'bad apples' within the industry.

Most of the parts stolen were car seats, badges and other items of an expensive nature.