How very Italian. This Alfa Romeo Giulietta G430 iMove Marangoni is flamboyant, loud, fast and, most importantly, green. Yes, it has green Marangoni tyres and a very bespoke designer label green interior. The car will officially debut at the Italian Motor Show in Bologna, starting December 4.
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Let's just start with those tyres, because if any part needed some explaining, it'd be them. They're made by an Italian tyre maker called Marangoni and are more specifically M-Power iGreen tyres. This means they use special high silica materials within the tyre allowing for a very low rolling resistance, thus, improving the car's overall efficiency and fuel economy. And they're green, did we mention that?

Next up is the addition of carbon fibre which is used liberally to replace some of the exterior feature materials. There's new carbon fibre side mirrors and an aggressive rear splitter/diffuser. There's also various carbon fibre bits throughout the interior and a carbon fibre air cleaner intake box under the bonnet.

Carbon fibre alone is getting pretty boring these days though, especially to the Italians. That's why the interior has been given a complete makeover, including an iPad station, of course. Almost everything inside the car has been reupholstered by Conte of Florence - a prestigious sportswear brand usually known for its funky golf gear - in soft green Alcantara.

There's plenty of embroidered logos throughout and it's all done in a specific lime green colour said to represent golf and the designer's colour scheme of its 2010-2011 Autumn/Winter fashion catalogue.

It's not over yet though. There's also a few enhancements made under the bonnet which boosts engine power by 38kW over the standard Giulietta, bringing total power output to 213kW. There's also a matte paint job, 19in Barracuda Karizzma wheels, Tarox B360 10-spot calipers with composite discs and lowered suspension thanks to adjustable KW strut housings.

We've saved the best upgrade until last, obviously. There's no other way of saying this other than, there's a specially mounted Segway i2 stationed in the boot. It's not any old Segway either, it's a custom designed version created by Human Technology Italy to match the interior and overall theme of the car.

So there you have it. Full of design and flare, plenty of label and Italian power to match.