Reports from American Road & Track magazine say the future Lexus IS series may use the Toyota FT-86 platform. Even though the FT-86 hasn't officially been released yet, rumours say the 2013 Lexus IS could use an extended FT-86 chassis.
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This is one chassis Toyota does not want to waste. In partnership with Subaru, the FT-86 features a medium to small rear-wheel drive chassis, which is capable of adapting to an all-wheel drive setup. So it is quite versatile. And even though the model is a coupe, reports say the chassis could be lengthened somewhat to accommodate the larger Lexus IS dimensions.

Engine options are likely to be different in the IS compared to the FT-86 though. The 2.0-litre turbo motor is likely to be too small for the more luxurious coupe, and could be replaced by more traditional 2.5-litre and 3.6-litre IS engines.

To stretch the mileage of the chassis even further, other reports also say Toyota has given the go-ahead for a Toyota FT-86 sedan to be released along side the coupe. It'll feature everything the coupe offers, including the taught chassis and 2.0-litre engine, only it will be more accommodating inside and have four doors.

This model is said to be designed as a fall-back if coupe sales aren't as successful as predicted. We have a good feeling about the coupe though. FT-86 anticipation is now at an extreme level, line-ups for the car are expected to flow out the door.