Have you ever wanted a golf cart that you could drive to and on the beach? Same. Well now there's a chance to do just that. It's called the Rinspeed Bamboo and it's meant to be, we quote, "a grown-up golf cart."
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The crazy lot at Rinspeed have been a little quiet lately, usually the company is coming out with all sorts of crazy designs and concepts (see images below). But the company is back in form now and has given us a little preview of what to expect at the Geneva Motor Show, commencing March 3, 2011.

Featuring four seats, parts of the cabin and interior structures are made of, yep, bamboo fibres. It's powered by an electric motor and, according to the press release, features an "onboard foldable two-wheeler" just for that extra mobility.

The release goes on to say that this concept is a new way of thinking. In a world of power, top speeds and cosmetic tinsel, the Bamboo is a refreshing approach to the automobile. Rinspeed says it's about, "Clean lines. No bells, no whistles. Nothing is superfluous. Plain aesthetics in their purest form."

Further details will be revealed at the car's Geneva Motor Show unveiling in March. We'll be sure to keep track of this Looney Tune.

Check out the other crazy creations by Rinspeed below. All excellent examples of thinking outside the square.

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