The French manufacturer's new logo will be rolled out across the entire range by 2024.
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French automotive manufacturer Renault has unveiled a new badge, with range-wide adoption slated by 2024.

The minimalistic design – which was first previewed on the retro Renault 5 electric hatch prototype (shown below) in January 2021 – retains the brand's iconic diamond silhouette, however moves to a two-dimensional plane.

It is the ninth rendition to the brand's badging since it launched in 1898, and fifth variant of the diamond design (which was introduced in 1925). The most recent variant of the logo was designed in 1992, and tweaked in 2015.

The Megane electric small SUV slated for early 2022 is tipped to be the first production model to wear the new badging, however this is yet to be confirmed by Renault.

A spokesperson for the brand in Australia told CarAdvice: “There is no information yet on rollout… Locally, the website will adopt the new badging by the middle of this year, however we don’t know when dealers will pick up new signage or the first models will arrive with the new logo.”

Renault design director Gilles Vidal said: "The diamond is one of the most recognised shapes in the world and in the world of the automobile...the new logo [strikes a] balance between recognition of the brand's heritage and entering a new era."

Kia, Peugeot, Volkswagen, Nissan, General Motors and Maserati have all similarly launched new or updated logos in the past 12 months, as manufacturers look to modernise – or in some cases completely reinvent – public perceptions in preparation for wide-scale electric vehicle uptake.